Version control
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Version control

Version 2.0, released 12/11/2018

Updates and bug fixes

1. Numerous timing issues fixed.
2. Animation of data movement across buses removed as users said this was a distraction from the teaching purposes.

 New features

1. Added decimal and octal to the number bases that can be used to allow wider use in numeric representation practice and conversion.
2. New STEP mode available that slows down FETCH and EXECUTE so that each step in the processes are controlled by the user.

Devices and platforms

This version is available on Win32, OSX, IOS, Android and Linux.
On IOS the app now accomodates the latest iphone X and ipad Pros.

Linux version was coded for Debian and we have not tested on all implementations. Please comment if there is an issue on your Distro.

Last modified on Sunday, 11 November 2018 18:51

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