Saving and loading Turing programs
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Saving and loading Turing programs

As with real computers Turing programs can be saved once completed and then reloaded to be run at a later time.

The exact details of saving and loading are slightly different on different devices, depending on whether there is a real or virtual keyboard, but in general:

  • For saving - a form is completed giving the program a name and description.
  • For loading - a list of Turing programs is shown, one is selected and then loaded on request.

An important note is that turing programs are stored in different locations on different devices. Please check the documentation for details for your device. In particular IOS (ipad and iphone) memory is sandboxed and you need to use Itunes to get programs off your device if you need to store somewhere else.

Last modified on Tuesday, 06 December 2016 22:41

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