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Turing is our flagship product, aimed at High level KS4, A level and entry University students who want (or need) to understand the way a CPU inside a computer works.  


Babbage is our entry level CPU simulator. It allows teachers and learners to look at how a CPU works but crucially it omits some of the complexity required for higher grades/levels and all of the arithmetic is done in decimal and not binary/hex.


The "core" of a computer is the CPU and in general this is just a programmable calculator that begins to operate as soon as it is turned on and continues until it is turned off.

Simplistically, a CPU's job can be summarised as three repeated steps: Fetch the next instruction from memory, Decode what this instruction asks you to do, Carry out this instruction. The FETCH program concentrates on letting students (and teachers) explore this cycle in detail. The screen is a "standard" Babbage screen but the app only lets you step through the operation with single instructions, not run whole programs.

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