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Download Turing

Turing version 2.0 Windows 10 Build 2018.355 System Requirements: Windows 7 or later, 1 GHZ processorAny modern graphics card that supports OpenGL 2.1   macOSXBuild 2018.355 System Requirements:MacOSĀ® X 10.11 or later, Intel Mac. For iOS builds (11.4), requires Xcode 9.3…

Version control

Version 2.0, released 12/11/2018 Updates and bug fixes 1. Numerous timing issues fixed.2. Animation of data movement across buses removed as users said this was a distraction from the teaching purposes.  New features 1. Added decimal and octal to the…

Why Turing?

Turing is named after Alan Turing, the famous English computer scientist who formed part of the successful Bletchley Park team who decoded the Nazi Enigma machine using the world's first operational electronic computer. The following is an extract from Alan's…

Turing Quests

Turing quest allows the teacher/student to test their abilities in understanding the operation of a simple CPU and then use its particular machine code to write algorithms to solve a range of increasingly hard problems. In the current version there…

Turing instruction set

Turing has been designed to be a reasonably complex CPU with instructions that reflect most of the operations that real CPUs can carry out: Simple arithmetic (but limited to add and subtract) Logical operations (and,or and bit shifts) Register loading…

Saving and loading Turing programs

As with real computers Turing programs can be saved once completed and then reloaded to be run at a later time. The exact details of saving and loading are slightly different on different devices, depending on whether there is a…

Writing a program in Turing

Turing is a programming machine, so how easy is it to write a program? First, you need to know the language. Turing's machine language includes a range of instructions (as shown on the separate menu entry on the right). Next…

Turing Controls

Turing is designed to be operated from laptops, desktops,tablets and phones. A design decision was that use of the app would be essentially the same on all these different devices to make moving from use of one (say a desktop…


Fetch allows users to explore the fetch/decode/execute cycle of a modern CPU.


Gates is our electronic logic gate simulator, designed for KS4 Physics and Computing teachers and learners.

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